More Heals Please!

Healing Over Time Event

On March 29th 2014 (thats right, just a few days away), we will be participating in the wonderful Healing over Time event. As part of this event, we will be helping to raise over $5000 for the Childs Play charity.

Happy New Year from Pseudo

A personal message to all from Pseudo

A lot has happened during 2013 for Enigma!  We’ve had a growth in numbers, we’ve met up, we’ve travelled to Gamescom, and we’ve had our ups and downs.  Anyone who believes a community is always going to be 100% perfect doesn’t understand human nature.  Yet, it’s how a community pulls together during times of difficulty and success that truly shows how strong that community is.  And over and over, Enigma has overcome any difficulty that has shown up and celebrated together the group and individual victories we have had in 2013.

Enigma 2014 and onwards

Enigma 2014 and onwards

To the Enigmates Past, Present and Future.

Well another year is upon is - so its time to both look back on the year that has been and to look forwards to all that 2014 has to offer.

From a guild perspective it has been a very good year.

Whilst we may not have all been raiding in the same game as much as we would like, the guild has grown and coalesced around both our social community all that is Wildstar.

Welcome Enigmates

Wildstar Awaits!

There are those of you who are new to us, and those who have been around the block several times.  It was back in early 2005 when Enigma first started to explore the strange land of Azeroth, and time has marched on.  Via the Jungles of Hyboria, the vast reaches of Norrath, the adventures of middle-earth and the burning seas we have ventured. Across myriad realms we have struck forth, conquered, revelled and probably got thoroughly lost.

Recruitment Update!

More victims have been caught in our web

Greetings Enigmates! It is time for us to salute our honored new recruits. They have been studied, mind probed, poked and prodded with white hot pointy sticks and even placed in a field full of Capybara's. They survived and still wished to join us, embracing that, that most would consider torture.

Please give a warm welcome to 14 new members of Enigma:

Sulaco – The Rowsdower Lady

Sulaco – The Rowsdower Lady

We’ve got a lot of incredibly talented individuals in Enigma. We have the awesome Shinogi, the scarily gifted Kaz, and the creative Kasabian – to name a few. However, we’ve kept a small hidden gem, a creative genius whose skills lie not in code, not in graphics, but instead in fabric, string, and needle - Sulaco. This crafty lady has been inspired by WildStar and she has brought into the “flesh” several versions of rowsdowers based on various guild members requests. We wanted to share her work with everyone. So I present to you the various rowsdowers of her creation!