Our server is now setup with a custom PreFab mod (which includes about 90+ new prefabs for out in the world and in cities), the ability to collect and spend zCoins, and of course /sethome. There are costs involved with each, but it now works. We also now have a […]

7 Days to Die: Updates, zCoins, PreFabs oh my!

So, the Ark : Survival Evolved server is up. To get to it, here’s what you need to do; 1) Start Steam and go to View > Servers;   2) Go the Favourites tab and click Add Server (at the bottom); 3) Enter enigmaguild.org into the box and click Add This […]

Ark : Survival Evolved Server is up!

Calling all Ark users! On Saturday 25st July at 19:00 UTC, we’re finally starting up our ARK server for real! All progress during testing has been whiped, so this will be a clean start where we’ll all wash up on the beach ready to be eaten by every dino on the […]

Starting the ARK survival server