Where are the Eldan?

Where are the Eldan?

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Our main reason to explore Nexus is to find out what happened to the Eldan. Where are they and what happened to them? Those are questions everyone of us want to get answers to. In this article I hope to give you a possible answer to those questions. A disclaimer though, these are just my thoughts about the subject and in no way an official explanation.

1. The Kardashev Scale

First I have to explain what the Kardashev Scale is to fully understand what I’m talking about in this article. If you’re already familiar with this scale, you can skip straight to the next paragraph, but I recommend not to skip anything, if only for the purpose of refreshing your knowledge.

KardashevNikolai Kardashev is a Russian astrophysicist and the deputy director of the Russian Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

The Kardashev Scale was first proposed in 1964 and is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize. Kardashev divided the scale into three designated categories:

  • Type I - A level near contemporary terrestrial civilization with an energy capability equivalent to the solar insolation on Earth.

  • Type II - A civilization capable of utilizing and channeling the entire radiation output of its star. The energy utilization would then be comparable to the luminosity of our Sun.

  • Type III - A civilization with access to the power comparable to the luminosity of the entire Milky Way galaxy.

The scale is only hypothetical and highly speculative, but it puts energy consumption of an entire civilization in a cosmic perspective.

2. The Extended Scale

Various extensions to the Kardashev Scale have been proposed since, ranging from a wider range of power levels (types 0, IV and V) to the use of metrics other than pure power.

A civilization that is capable of:

  • Type 0 - Extracting its energy, information, raw-materials from crude organic-based resources, like food, wood and fossil fuels.

  • Type I - Orbital spaceflight and colonization, medical and technological singularity, planetary engineering, trade and defense, and stellar system-scale influence.

  • Type II - Interplanetary spaceflight, interplanetary communication, stellar engineering, and star cluster-scale influence.

  • Type III - Interstellar travel, interstellar communication, galactic engineering and galaxy-scale influence.

  • Type IV - Intergalactic travel, intergalactic communication, and universal-scale influence.

  • Type V+ - Traveling outside their universe of origin or able to arise within a multiverse or other higher-order membrane of existence, and are capable of universe-scale manipulation of individual discrete universes from an external frame of reference.

3. Human Civilization

Our human civilization is currently categorized as Type 0 in the extended scale. It’s suggested that we could reach Type I status in about 100 to 200 years, Type II status in a few thousand years and Type III status in about 100,000 to a million years.

Coal Power PlantSo, why is our civilization still in Type 0? Well, mainly because we’re still using fossil fuels as the main source for our energy consumption. Yes, we are using nuclear power and other smaller renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat, but we really need other (renewable) energy sources such as fusion and antimatter to be even considered for Type I.

Yes, we have orbital spaceflight, but we are not even close to colonize other planets or moons in our solar system. Not to speak of the other requirements we need to have to be regarded as a Type I civilization. We are taking baby-steps towards Type I, but eventually we will get there.

That is, if we don’t destroy ourselves before reaching Type I. After all, human history is filled with tedious and repetitious details of human competition, conflict, destruction and killing. In my personal opinion these negative aspects of human civilization is what’s holding us back to reach the Type I category. But I don’t want to dive too deep into this, because I think it’s better to discuss this another time and in another article.

4. The Eldan

So, let’s move on. It’s time to include the Eldan into all of this. What category can we assign to the Eldan? The Eldan are a powerful advanced technological race. They created the Mechari and founded the Dominion together with the Cassian. I think it’s safe to assume that the Eldan were capable of at least the same technology as the Dominion currently have and were most likely even more technologically advanced than that.

So, let’s sum up what we know about Eldan and Dominion civilization:

  • Two thousands years ago the humans of planet Cassus experienced a period of rapid technological advancement leading to the development of space flight and interstellar exploration.

  • The Mechari journeyed to Cassus in a fleet of hyper-advanced starships.

  • The Dominion have steadily taken control of the galaxy.

  • The Aurin sent out a distress signal to their human Exile friends. I assume the humans were not in the same planetary system when they did that.

  • Brightland's vessel was converted to an arkship, and the rebels fled for their lives across the stars.

So, if we compare this list above with the Extended Scale, I think we can safely assign the Type III category to Eldan civilization.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ― Arthur C. Clarke

I realize that magic also exists in the galaxy of the Eldan, but I use the quote above to diminish the importance of magic in the galaxy, basically converting magic into unknown technology.

5. So, why did the Eldan disappear?

AndromedaBut, why did the Eldan disappear? Where have they gone to? My guess is they evolved from a Type III civilization into a Type IV civilization. They discovered intergalactic travel, packed their bags and just left. Maybe they just thought it was time to move on and explore the universe.

The Eldan constructed the Mechari to find a species capable of replacing them in this galaxy. They founded the Dominion together with the Cassian, who were already technologically advanced enough to travel between the stars.

Is it that simple? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s find out on Nexus.