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Before filling in this application, please read this. Then grab a cuppa and fill out this application.

Be aware that while we are known by “Cthulu Lord of the Dance Backup Dancers” in The Secret World, we are primarily Enigma.

Note that all fields are required as we want to ensure we’re the right fit for you.

General Information


Which game brought you to us?

In Game Name(s) and Faction(s):

Your Email:

Country of Residence:


What do you do for a living? What else do you like to do outside of gaming?

Tell us something interesting about you! Tell us a joke, explain string theory or regale us with that tale about the thing, the badger, and the innkeeper. This if your chance to make us want to engage with you - the person behind the in-game character.


How did you hear about Enigma? If you were introduced to the guild, who introduced you?

What do you expect from Enigma? How will you measure the "success" of any time you spend in the guild?

Gaming & Gaming History

What is your gaming and MMO history? Tell us what games, roles, and classes you have experience with! Share with us your personal or guild achievements. If you are new to MMOs, and gaming, that's fine too - tell us why you're playing The Secret World.

Previous Guilds: If you have played MMOs before, have you been a member of any guilds, or cabals? If so, who where they, what were they like, and why did you leave them? If you are currently in a guild, or cabal, please say so.

The Secret World

What parts of the game are you most interested in?

Tell us about your experience in TSW. If you're new to the game let us know. If you have been around Hell and lived to tell the tale, tell us.

Other Important Things

Do you have a working headset and microphone and are willing (and able) to use TeamSpeak and are comfortable with spoken English?

In order to make sure you like us, and we are good fit for you, we will set up a date to interview you. You'll get a chance to ask us any questions you have, and we'll have a few for you. To make this happen, let us know what days, and times, work best for you.

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