While our old design worked fabulously, over time our needs change. Β To reflect the new directions Engima is going, our site has had a bit of a spring clean.

Change Log

  • GUI
    • The website has gone to visit a plastic surgeon and hopes it is more beautiful than it was before.
  • Forums
    • Forums sent to the graveyard with no hope of a resurrection.
    • Important information stored in the forums is not available at the top of the website and is accessible only if logged in.
  • Security
    • In order to login, everyone will need to set up 2 Factor Authentication. We use Duo Security.
  • Game Tracking
    • Server, Guild, Faction information about games currently being played are now only available on TeamSpeak. Each channel has it’s own description with information specific to that game.
  • Interactivity
    • Galleries are now available. You can set up a gallery, or upload images. We have a collaborative art collection for pixels now.

Please let us know your thoughts below. Also if you have any ideas, suggestions, or run into any problems with the site, do let us know below.