March 25, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

In order to participate you will need the framework Tabletop Simulator (through Steam).

Dead of Winter is a coop tabletop game that requires the group to work together (although the group can choose to include a traitor if they desire).  Each game can take between 1 hour to 2 hours to play based upon the choices of the characters.

I have specifically chosen to make the time slot for this game roughly 5 hours so we can take our time learning how to play, coming up with the type of game we want to play, and of course in case we decide to play more than one game.

The game is designed to have between 2 and 5 players, so please make sure you sign up below in the comments by stating you are going to attend.  If you want to just watch (as you can simply be an observer), please sign up as well and let us know you want to observe. This helps us set the table up correctly to start.

You can learn about how to play, or what the game would be like, by watching this: