For January, we are looking at the lore behind a race. I am not revealing the game, nor the race. That’s up to you to play with. Take the time to fill out the form below. During the guild meeting, I will read out the submissions and we will pick the one to represent our guild view of the race in question.  If you want to see what this is all about, check out what Jerodar did.

LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION: February 25, 2015 around 11PM UK

Submissions are now closed.  All will be revealed during the guild meeting!

To help those of us who forget

  • Adjective: Green, fluffy, shiny
  • Adverb: action words that end in ly – Quickly, Stealthly
  • Noun: house, desk, keyboard
  • Plural Nouns: enigmates, games, dungeons
  • Proper Noun: jerodar, sera, sulaco
  • Verb: actions – swim, stab, dance
  • Exclamation: omg! wow! Yo!
  • Number: 3, 5, 42
  • Colour: blue, red, yellow