The purpose of this post is to have a place to store tips, tricks, and any information that we feel will be helpful for anyone who wishes to play The Secret World with us.

To start, it doesn’t matter what server you create your character all. Everyone plays on the same server.

It doesn’t matter what faction you choose, unless PVP is your thing. PVP is the only time you cannot play alongside your buddies if they are in a different faction.

Current Templar Cabal: Β Cthulu Lord of the Dance Backup Dancers Β Β Don’t ask… πŸ˜›
Current Illuminati Cabal: Cthulu Lord of the Dance

Chat Channels

In order to maximise your gaming experience in TSW, it is helpful to be apart of the in-game chat. Β The community is exceptional. To join a channel, just type /chat join channelname

Recommended Channels:

  • Sanctuary – This channel is all about asking questions, no matter how silly, newbish, or anything.
  • Looking for Group – This channel everyone is apart of unless you specifically turn it off. Obvious name is obvious.
  • Event – This channel tracks ongoing events, locations, spawns of rare things, etc

Regardless of the fact that TSW’s default UI can be resized to your advantage, there are quite a few addons that we we recommend using.

  • AutoNBG – So helpful to auto handle look rewards per location, content, etc.
  • Deck Manager – There is no way to have just one 5 decks in this game.
  • EffectsUI – Want to know when to attack or stop attacking?
  • Anything written by ElTorqiro (AegisHud, TargetsSquared, UITweaks, UltimateAnima)
  • Inventory Sort – So helpful
  • meeehrUI-Topbar – covers everything from DPS, to AutoSprint, to tracking everything
  • UltimateCrafter – The ONLY way to handle crafting in this game
  • Resource Relocator – So hepful to see where your resources are, and how much you have.
Recommended Research Links

While I could spend hours putting all the information we need into one place, instead I will show the links we recommend using. Trust us, you will want to use them!